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I understand my pictures to be the direct expression of my inner self. For me it is about conveying energy – putting physical energy into the material. The picture emerges as a result of the transformation of a strong experience in reality into a pure and simple shape achieved through reduction. My pictures represent the concentration of feelings and thoughts. They form a dialogue not only between each other but also within a given space. This results in clear order and tension.

The content of a picture is in its structure, either in combination or through the isolation of basic elements. The content is forwarded through the survival of the form, thus becoming reality.

The border, the limit, the edges are interesting to me - the point at which something ends and something new begins. I am also fascinated by elements which are near something else, naturally supplementing each other. Ruining, destruction, and again creation. Repetition

Unlike the traditional approach easel painting, the emphasis is transferred to the side walls of paintings - objects that bear traces of overlapping color layers , and thus demonstrate the process, which originated more than it cooled surface . Occurs emancipation colored areas in relation to different types of pads that allow the transformation of the space, layering ,overlapping and aggregation of individual color fields . More than purity monochrome surfaces are important session induced within the artwork.

I work on different pictures at the same time, repeatedly overpainting them. I look for the right shape, proportion and colour. I do not pay attention to symbols but to the overall structure. This working process remains readable and is very important for me.

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What interests me is emptiness, silence and abstractedness: process, purity and a reduction down to simple, basic shapes. The colour in my work represents my feelings and energy. Space and material also plays a significant role. My work represents a search for harmony and balance, a search for the right colour, a dialogue not only between the pictures themselves but with the space around them. Colour in my work is the conveyor of content.

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Art de vivre et déco, | 7-9.4.2017

LYON - La sucrière

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